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LegacyPKC Black Belt Instructors


Jeff Kyle, 2nd Dan, Senior Instructor

Jeff Kyle began his love of martial arts in 1982 as a seventh grader in Austin Texas.  His first experience to the martial arts world was Kajukenbo under now 9th degree Grandmaster Craig Speer.  He achieved the rank of 1st degree brown belt before joining the military in 1988.  Martial arts continued to be a part of his life while in the military.  After the military, he trained off and on with several different martial arts schools.  Mr. Kyle married in 1990 and he eventually had 4 children.  When his boys showed an interest in joining a martial arts class, he began to look for a place they could train together.  Not to be outdone, his daughters insisted on participating as well.  It was 2010 when the Kyle family first discovered and joined PKC Karate.  Mr. Kyle earned his 1st Degree Black Belt in April of 2015.  He was awarded PKC Instructor of the Year in 2017 and in 2019.  He earned his 2nd degree PKC Black Belt in April of 2018 and holds a 2nd degree black belt in the Superfoot System.  His daughter Alyssa has a 3rd degree Black Belt and his son Jordan has a 1st degree Black Belt.  Mr. Kyle truly enjoys martial arts and loves teaching just as much.  With great gratitude for the support and effort of his family and the other PKC Black Belts in the Taylor and Hutto area, he leads LegacyPKC in Taylor, Texas.

Alyssa Kyle, 3rd Dan, Lead Instructor


April Patterson, 2nd Dan, Instructor


Soleil Patterson, 2nd Dan, Instructor


Breckin Hannel, 2nd Dan, Instructor


Xavier Patterson, 2nd Dan, Instructor


Andre Patterson, 1st Dan, Instructor

Jordan Kyle, 1st Dan, Instructor

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