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Do I have to sign a contract?

No! At LegacyPKC we do not have contracts and will not ask you to sign one. We consider signing a contract unnecessary. We believe that our program is strong enough that you will want to stay.

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Do you teach self-defense?


Yes! We teach self-defense at every belt level. We believe this is an integral part of martial arts. We periodically hold self-defense seminars.


Interested in setting up a self-defense seminar? Contact us today for details...

When will I get my uniform?


After your free trial classes you will sign up and purchase your uniform. Your uniform will come with your white belt.

What is sparring?

Sparring is controlled point fighting (like a game of tag). Students wear protective gear while an instructor controls the match. All students are required to wear approved head and hand gear to spar.


Students will purchase their own gear. However, our school will have some for students to use until they get their own. 

How many belts are there before black belt?


Every system is different. We have 15 color belt levels. 

When will my first test be?


Typically we test every 3 to 4 months. However, you will only test if you are ready. Practice hard!

How many black belt levels are there?


There are 10 different levels of black belt. These levels are called dans or degrees. Unlike color belt levels, these often have a time requirement associated with them. 

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Do you teach weapons?


Yes! This is closely supervised by our black belt instructors. All instruction is taught using practice weapons (meaning plastic or non-sharpened metal blades). We teach our students to respect these traditional weapons and strive to keep a safe environment. When students practice at home, we encourage adult supervision.

Do you break boards?

Yes! We do break boards at least once a quarter (usually after belt testing.)  This is also closely supervised by our black belts.

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