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PKC Events

Inspiring teamwork, a competitive spirit, and family are important values to PKC Karate. That is why every year we host events designed to inspire and nurture these valuable traits.

80 Rounds of Sparring

During the winter, PKC hosts an endurance event for all of our black belt candidates. This event is open to all PKC students and is a true test of stamina and determination.  This events meager beginnings have blossomed into one of PKC's most anticipated events.  Great exhausting fun!     



In the Spring, PKC hosts an individual competitor tournament called "The Texas Showdown."  In an individual tournament, students compete by themselves in form and point sparring. This competition promotes the value of preparation and how to perform under pressure.


In the Fall, PKC hosts a team tournament called "Clash of the Titans."  This event encourages competition, team spirit, and working with others to achieve mutual goals.  Team scores are tallied by accumulating all members points.  


Black Belt Show and Ceremony


Every year PKC Karate hosts a Martial Arts Show and Ceremony at Texas State University. This show is in honor of PKC Karate’s newest graduating black belt class. At this ceremony, students are recognized and awarded for their yearly efforts in school and in the martial arts.  Performances are conducted by martial artists from across Texas. This is a very special time. We would love for everyone to be a part of our black belt candidates' once in a lifetime event.

Family Camp

In late fall, PKC Karate hosts "Ninja Camp," a family weekend focused on survival, teamwork and competition. The weekend activities include team building exercises, survival skills, team challenges that require thinking outside the box, fishing, rope rappelling, and team self defense against "ninjas." You DO NOT have to be in martial arts to participate in this camp. This is about coming together as a family and enjoying each other and the outdoors. 

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